X-Men: Days of Future Past Viral Campaign Begins, With Peter Dinklage At The Forefront



It’s scary because…he reminds me of my father.

Bryan Singer, Director of X-Men: Days of Future Past

At Comic-Con 2013, it was only just officially confirmed by Peter Dinklage himself that he will be playing Bolivar Trask, the famed industrialist from Marvel’s X-Men canon.  The villain is best known for creating the Sentinels. His company’s motto? “Preserving humanity through technology”.

When has that ever gone well?  Especially for mutants.

If you’ve watched The Wolverine in theatre and you happened to stick around for the after-credit sequence, you’ll probably have gotten the gist that Trask Industries will be part of the viral campaign for Days of Future Past.  Though The Wolverine was a standalone story, the sequence allowed for a few set-ups that will bridge the gap in X-Men timeline.  During the sequence, which you can watch below, is a TV plays a commercial that happens to catch Logan’s eye at an airport.  It advertises, as you might have already guessed, Trask Industries.  That little glimpse served as the launching point for the viral campaign, which will no doubt continue  through 2013-14 on the web.

Today, we’ve also got some official images featuring Dinklage as the moustachioed industrialist and his ominous creations.  If you want to dive further into the viral campaign, be sure to check out the official website for Trask Industries.  Here’s Trask’s bio as it appears on the site…

Even from his early years as a research assistant, Bolivar always maintained a particular interest in the origin and evolution of humanity. Following in the footsteps of Mendel, Watson and Crick, Trask made it his goal to unlock the mysteries of human DNA. What he did not anticipate was the discovery of the X-Gene, a genetic finding that would prove to be the most significant of the 20th century.

Trask soon hypothesized the impending extinction of the human race. His early theories were ridiculed by his contemporaries and with no one to fund his research, Trask cared enough about humanity to invest in the founding of Trask Industries in 1967.







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