‘World War Z’ Viral Video: The Origins of “Crisis Zero”



Viral videos are always fun.  Their contributions range from anticipation-fluffing to actually connecting plot points for the audience’s benefit.  Movies like The Dark Knight and Prometheus set the bar extremely high, engaging fans around the world.

Taking a stab at a viral campaign for World War Z might be Paramount’s attempt to steer clear of, or at least make people forget about some of the initial problems this film had.  The internet was buzzing with rumours that the studio had a complete flop on their hands, but for us, much of latest trailer and featurettes have served their purpose and won us over.  Will this new viral campaign succeed in getting audiences excited about the adaptation of Max Brooks’s novel?

This viral video features a representative of the Global Health Agency, whose job is to warm the world’s citizens up to the thought of an all-out, humans-versus-rabid-zombie apocalypse.  “Crisis Zero” insinuates that the zombies could win if we don’t all stick together in the face of dark times.

World War Z opens June 21st. 

Source: ScreenCrush


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