Will ‘Hannibal’ Bring Some Style and Thrill Back To NBC?



NBC is a weird corporate beast.  It seems as though company executives are aware of the scrutiny their recent “strategies” have garnered in the last few years, but continue to march forward in spite of the audiences watching NBC’s programming.  It’s a stubbornness that has angered fans  (from Conan O’Brien & The Tonight Show debacle to Community‘s untethering), and has diluted their lineup to a collection of measly shows that remain fleetingly popular.  Style, thrill and laughter have no longevity at NBC.

So when we heard that Bryan Fuller would be showrunning a series based on Hannibal Lecter, we were skeptical.  Would this be the Elementary version of  Michael Mann’s Manhunter or the surprisingly good Red Dragon?

I wasn’t convinced.  That is, until this new, extended trailer.  In two minutes and thirty-five seconds, the doctor-patient relationship between Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter is finally explained.  We get a strong stylistic sense of the show’s tone, direction and pacing. Graham, the troubled special investigator (Hugh Dancy), has an ability to enter the mind of serial killers that is unprecedented.  However, as he becomes too involved in a distrubing new case involving “The Ripper”, he is pushed to the boundaries of sanity by his own imagination.  His superiors send him to Lecter for psych evaluation and thus, the famous “working relationship” is born.

Hannibal debuts April 7.  It will feature characters played by Laurence Fishburne, Ellen Muth, Lance Henriksen, Gillian Anderson, Gina Torres, Eddie Izzard, Molly Shannon, and Ellen Greene.

If this trailer is any indication, this show is not going to shy away from blood, bare organs, and skinned bodies.  This is probably NSFW, depending on your workplace.

So, if you work for the FBI, you can go ahead and watch this if you’re taking an internet break at work this morning.

source: ScreenCrush


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