White House Down Featurette: The Presidential Cadillac Limo Known As “The Beast”



Turns out that some of the action we’ll see in Roland Emmerich’s White House Down will take place in “The Beast”.  In real life, the Secret Service to the President of the United States does in fact have a stretch SUV limo  with the same call sign; however, the production design team for White House Down had to create the one used in the film from the ground up.

According to this new featurette, there was a great deal of improvisation needed when designing their version of The Beast.  Secret Service officials wouldn’t disclose the dimensions, components or strengths of the real thing to the designers, so they obtained the measurements of  a Cadillac Escalade headlight, then let their imaginations take care of the rest.  Their goal was to create a self-sufficient safe house on wheels.

Check out how The Beast got its name in the video below.  Sony Pictures’ White House Down opens June 28th.

Source: Sony Pictures


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