When Hand-Drawn Animation Was Cutting Edge, This Is How It Was Done



Computers make a lot of things in our lives… easier.  When it comes to art, however, some might argue that by taking the labor out of the love, it’s easy to distinguish old from the new.  Those same people would argue that by omitting that charm of how things used to be done is to ruin something completely.  Y’know, it’s all that stuff your grandpa used to say to you when you tried to show him something new.  We’ve all rolled our eyes at him at some point in time.  However, in some cases, he’s quite right.

I’m not trying to say that making a computer generated is easy.  Far from it, in fact, many of the pre-production and visualizations for any animated film are still required before hand ever touches mouse.  But, as Disney Studios quietly announced it would be closing the doors of its hand-drawn animation division this past month, grandpa’s old disgruntled musings about days of ol’ ring true.

Watch this brief featurette from Popular Science’s vaults.  It documents the incredibly organized and intricate process of creating a cartoon in the 1930s.  If you have no concept about how an animated movie is made, this will absolutely blow your mind.

source: YouTube


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