What’s Wrong With Val Kilmer In This Promo for the 25th Anniversary of ‘Willow’?



I’m really not sure what to make of this, but Willow is one of my favourite childhood movies so, I’m gonna talk about it.  But before I give my resounding two cents about what the hell is going on in the following video, you should know that Willow is one of those highly-revered cult films and in some circles, is credited with spawning the “fantasy medieval” genre in cinema.  There wouldn’t be a Lord of the Rings without Willow.  It’s not that Willow made a lot of money at the time, but it helped identify an audience that studios had not yet officially recognized.  Plus, it might be the best thing George Lucas has ever done outside of the first three Star Wars (Lucas has producer’s credit, as young[ish]Ron Howard cut his teeth in the director’s chair).

Willow still holds up today.  It’s a cavalier, fun, special-effects pioneering, character-driven fantasy film.  Its nostalgic fan base will, most likely, eat up this 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray that’s about to be released.

That brings me to this promotional video from TotalFilm that features Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, two of the stars from the film.  Next to accepting Kilmer’s inherent aloofness (and possible insanity) as a standard thing nowadays, I really can’t decide if TotalFilm was trying to make this funny.  The loveable Warwick Davis is all smiles and seems to partially channeling the exaggerated version of himself from Life’s Too Short.  Even still, he struggles to keep the promo on pace by hitting his marks: what he loved about the movie, his favourite memories, what the Blu-Ray has to offer, etc. Kilmer just reacts.  Frankly, it’s like watching someone suffering the early stages of whatever Gary Busey’s current condition is.

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