What Big Name Actors & Directors Would Think If They Were Asked To Join ‘Star Wars Episode VII’



The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a series of interviews that they’ve done in the last few months with big-name stars.  Each actor or director – from Mark Wahlberg to Mila Kunis to Bryan Singer – is asked how they might react if they were invited into the expanded Star Wars universe under the direction of JJ Abrams.

Some have some pretty great answers.  My personal favourites are Joss Whedon (who explains owning 8 lightsabers so his friends can come over and duel) and Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg had turned down Abrams when he was approached to play Captain Kirk’s father in Star Trek because “he didn’t understand the script”.  The actor admits, somewhat self-deprecatingly, that he wouldn’t pass up another opportunity to work with Abrams even if he didn’t understand the dialogue.

Check out the video below:

source: THR


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