We Finally See How Keanu Reeves’ ‘Man of Tai Chi’ Is Shaping Up



Mr. …Whoa has been quiet for a few years, presumably sitting on a park bench somewhere.  Well, all that soul searching and meme fueling seems to have paid off for Keanu Reeves, who will grace screens over the next year in two films, one of them being his directorial debut.

These are the first images for Man of Tai Chi, the details of which are still under wraps.  The most we can gather so far is that it’s a join Chinese and American production about a young martial artist’s journey to greatness, at the apex of which he’s forced to make sacrifices to experience the opportunities presented to him.

A classic martial arts story and innovative action flick (say hi to Bot & Dolly) could make for an interesting debut for Reeves, who has promised us lots and lots of the former.  The film stars Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen (a stunt coordinator on The Matrix Trilogy) and Karen Mok.

No official release date has been set.





source: indieWire