Watch The TV Pilot Conan O’Brien & Robert Smigel Created In 1991 That Starred Adam West


Thanks to the lawless landscape of YouTube, the internet has unveiled a real vintage gem.  Did you know that Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel created a show starring Adam West?

The year: 1991.  The title:  Lookwell.  The pitch:  “A washed-up TV action hero — who at the peak of his career was ceremonially deputized by local law enforcement — falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life. His student Jason (played by Todd Field) becomes his sidekick.”

In the past few weeks, this pilot has become an internet phenomenon.  After watching it, the jokes and type of humour are entirely ahead of their time; this could easily have become a series on Comedy Central in the last ten years.   As you might have guessed, the pilot was pitched to NBC (the same studio that would fire O’Brien from The Tonight Show twenty years later) but was never sold.

As for many good things that come to an end too soon, the absence of foresight can be killer.

Source: Uproxx


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