Watch The Classic Gag Reel From ‘Tommy Boy’


I can’t really talk about Tommy Boy without talking about the late and great Chris Farley, whose comedic performance in this is iconic.  That may sound a little drastic when talking about a harmless Lorne Michaels-produced comedy from the 1990s, but I grew up with this movie.  Farley was at the top of his game.  When I see old re-runs of SNL or any of his other movies, nothing really tops Tommy Boy for me (Black Sheep is like what You’ve Got Mail is to Sleepless In Seattle).  The partnership he shared with David Spade was pretty unique, and stands the test of time as one of the best dynamic duos of comedy. Lots of other actors out there have that loveable oaf quality, but Farley took it to heights that truly can’t be replicated.

Enjoy this vintage gag reel.

Source: FilmDrunk


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