Watch the 10-Minute Documentary Short About Patton Oswalt, ‘To Be Loved & Understood’



Patton Oswalt has shown a lot more face on screen in the last few years, churning out great roles in critical gems such as Young Adult and the fourth season of Justified.  I’d wager that he considers such gigs as both pleasure and sin.  For a guy like him, they’re a necessary evil to market his highly respected career as a working, loved comedian.  On the flip side, he most likely enjoys the collaboration and the ability to play off-beat quirky characters that are, simply put, extensions of his comedy’s rhetoric.

Director Julien Nitzberg put together a tight little documentary about what it’s like to be Patton Oswalt: roaster, actor, writer, and stand-up.  Clocking in at only ten minutes, Nitzberg manages to showcase Oswalt’s process as “visually dynamic”.  That’s a tough call to arms.  Thankfully, it doesn’t stray into romanticizing this comedian’s day-to-day, but goes straight to the point: creating a dissected cross-section of Oswalt’s writing, his fan base, and his experiences in show business.

The documentary is titled To Be Loved & Understood and was originally posted on The Playlist.  This clever piece of filmmaking makes for a brief but entertaining looking glass into one of comedy’s best story tellers.



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