Watch Simon Pegg’s Epic Prank On The Cast of Star Trek Into Darkness


The first time we heard about this little prank that Simon Pegg pulled on the cast and crew on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness was way back when the actor began his press tour.  It became known as the “Neutron Cream” Prank and was executed flawlessly by Pegg and grew into a set-wide inside joke.

Before you watch the video, which is a must see, you should know that Pegg initially sold the idea of putting this Neutron Cream on your face and body to combat “harmful neutrons” that were “floating” around one of the more industrial-looking Enterprise sets.  After he got a couple of people to fall for it, the prank turned into a challenge to see how epic they could make the moment when the butt of the joke realized they were being…had.

Safety First!  In the words of director J.J. Abrams, “To see Benedict Cumberbatch, John Cho and Karl Urban get punked the way they did…it was wildly satisfying.” 

Source: Blastr


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