Watch Sam Mendes and Paul Greengrass Sit Down And Talk Shop for 40 Minutes



Sam Mendes and Paul Greengrass are two directors of great merit.  They’ve earned respect from fans, critics and  peers for consistently making movies that are driven by story and characters, by unique cinematography and by powerful performances from their actors.

What do you think they’d talk about if you sat them down in a room together?

Well, following a screening of Skyfall, Greengrass moderated an interview with Mendes in front of an eager, interested audience.  This video is just hitting the internet now, having remained out of circulation since November of last year.  It’s fantastic to listen to these two chat so candidly about each other’s work, the film industry’s pitfalls, and tackling big budget franchises.  There are plenty of anecdotes worth listening to, including how Mendes had initially counselled Daniel Craig to avoid accepting the role of James Bond, claiming it would ruin his career.  Mendes is the kind of gentleman who can admit when he’s wrong.

Check out the full forty minute interview below.  If you’re a cinemaphile and interested in the personalities and minds that are behind today’s biggest movies, then you’ll love this video.

Source: indieWire


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