Watch Patton Oswalt on ‘Parks & Rec’ Improvising a Filibuster About Star Wars and Franchise Tie-Ins


This is just damned impressive.

If you’re a Patton Oswalt fan, you’ll know that the man is unabashedly, totally, completely a Star Wars geek.  His love of the franchise (well, the original trilogy) is integral to his stand-up routines and audiences love him for it.  Who knew that his passionate nerdism would come in handy while guest-starring on a TV show?

His character on Parks and Recreation attempts to filibuster a town hall meeting.  But instead of talking about the legislation at hand, he chooses to soapbox the hell out of his vision for how Disney should proceed with the Star Wars films, including tie-ins with X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Avengers.

At the request of the episode’s director, Oswalt improvised the entire nine-minute filibuster.  It’s a shame it won’t be shown on TV in its entirety, so check out the video below and marvel at his impressive one-take, winged monologue.  Comic book pun intended.

(The extras in this scene are real pros!)

source: YouTube