Watch Chris Hardwick Discuss The Future of Film WIth Director David Gordon Green



David Gordon Green has had a varied career since bursting on to the scene with the highly-regarded All The Real Girls.  Since then, he’s successfully bounced around from genre to genre (Pineapple Express, Snow Angels), sometimes to limited acclaim (Your Highness).

Nerdist Emperor Chris Hardwick recently sat down with Green to discuss the future of film.  During the fifty-five minute interview, they dive into his catalogue as director & producer, how he interacts with the Hollywood studio machine, and the challenges to keep things interesting after graduating from the North Carolina School of The Arts.

It’s a pleasure to hear this laid-back, Arkansas-raised filmmaker talk plainly both about his love and hatred for the business he’s in.  Somehow, despite all odds against artists such as himself, Green manages to continue to pursue work that he wants to pursue.  Sometimes, you’ve got to just tell the studios to f#$! off.

Enjoy the interview below.

Source: IndieWire


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