Watch Bill Murray’s Cameo in Amazon Pilot for ‘Alpha House’



Out of all eight comedy pilots for Amazon’s streaming service, two stood out in a big way.  One of them, Alpha House, promises to be the antithesis to Netflix’ House of Cards.  Starring John Goodman, the show follows a group of four US Senators who room together for a period of time.  It’s a nice spin on the classic sitcom format and in my opinion, along with Onion News Empire, would have great promise if a full season was ordered into production.

Cameo king Bill Murray makes a pleasant entrance in the pilot for Alpha Dogs.  His existence on the show is fleeting, but like most things Murray does, is extremely memorable.

NSFW for (hilarious) language.  Unfortunately, the video has no embedding options, so please click the image below to hit up the source to watch.


Source: JoBlo


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