Vintage: Hear The Original Audio From The Demonic Girl In The Exorcist



Here’s a little checkered history behind the release of The Exorcist.  Before you watch the original scene featuring actress Linda Blair’s original performance, you should know that Blair’s voice was later over-dubbed by Mercedes McCambridge.  The trouble started around the time of the film’s release:

From The New York Times…

Because of her great vocal skills, Ms. McCambridge was hired to portray the Demon in William Friedkin’s 1973 smash hit The Exorcist. After weeks of what she called the hardest work she had done for a film, she was promised prominent mention in the credits.

But when she attended the preview, her name was missing. As she left the theater in tears, Mr. Friedkin tried to explain that there had been no time to insert her credit. The Screen Actors Guild intervened and forced her inclusion.

What do you think? Blair does a great job without any effects or post-production.  Let us know which one you think is scarier in the comments.

Source: Rope of Silicon


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