Vintage: Full PBS Behind-The-Scenes Documentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark



If you never get tired of learning about some of cinema history’s greatest films, check out this PBS documentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Released the same year as the film, it delves into the film’s thematic and storytelling origins, to the laborious production process that spanned multiple continents and cost only $18 million (that’s still only $45 million by today’s standards!!).  This doc is the cinephile’s perfect Indiana Jones companion.

Directed by Phillip David Schuman, the film features interviews with producers, actors, writers including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford.  As always, PBS does a fantastic job of cataloguing (and romanticizing) the hard work involved in production, and even manage to foreshadow Raiders’ future impact on cinema.

Watch the entire documentary below.

Source: /Film


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