Vintage Commercial for A Star Wars Video Game From 1983



Back in 1983, following the release of Return of the Jedi, Atari released a Star Wars video game for the Atari 2600 & 5200.  The single player, rail shooter put the player in the seat of the Red Five X-Wing fighter, as Luke Skywalker, as they are tasked with destroying the Death Star through three attack phases.

From Wikipedia…

  • In the first phase of the game, the player begins in outer space above the Death Star. He must engage in a dog fight with Darth Vader and enemy TIE fighters.
  • In the second phase (occurring beginning with the second wave), the player reaches the Death Star’s surface as laser turrets on towers rise to confront the player. If the player manages to destroy all of the towers, he will receive a sizeable point bonus.
  • In the final scenario, the player finds himself speeding through the trench of the Death Star, avoiding obstacles and blasting gun turrets until, finally firing a proton torpedo at the correct time for a direct hit on the exhaust port target. What follows, if the player is successful, is the Death Star exploding in a multitude of different colors, plus the awarding of one bonus shield (on factory settings). If the player manages to destroy the Death Star without firing at anything but the exhaust port, he will receive a sizeable point bonus for “using the force.” Then it is on to do battle again.

Check out this TV commercial for the video game below.  Graphics and game design may have changed, but I’ve seen people get this excited about The Last of Us.  Wow.

Source: DigThatBoxRetro


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