Val Kilmer’s Guest Spot With Warwick Davis on ‘Life’s Too Short’ Is Mint


Remember that video we posted a week ago that featured Warwick Davis and an odd-talking Val Kilmer promoting the 25th Anniversary of Willow? Well, if that wasn’t enough for you, check out Kilmer’s guest spot on the latest episode of Life’s Too Short.   I’ve got to say, being that I wasn’t sure if Kilmer was defining his own brand of crazy in that video, I’m now reassured that Kilmer and Davis fancy themselves a bit of a double-act and have created some light-hearted shtick.

The two had some fantastic chemistry all those years ago in Ron Howard’s big medieval fantasy film.  It’s really great to find out that this hasn’t faded a single shade in twenty-five years.  Plus, Kilmer being self-deprecating about his turn as Batman just kills me.

source: The Mary Sue


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