Trailer for ‘Milius’, A Doc about The Acclaimed Director of Some Of Your Favourite Classic Action Films



John Milius has had a hell of a career, so much so that RZA (director of Man With The Iron Fists and member of folk pop group The Wutang Clan) has decided to make a documentary about Milius’ illustrious storytelling abilities and his dynamic profile in Hollywood.

You must be having an interesting life if the RZA is making a documentary about you.

You know Milius’ films.  He’s conjured up some of the most revered films in history, including writing credits for Dirty Harry, Apocalypse Now and having directed the original Red Dawn, Conan The Barbarian and Big Wednesday.  He’s considered to be a top-shelf story teller among his peers, but remains an outsider for his taste for weaponry and grandiose posturing.  Let’s just say that if you try to make yourself a legend in Hollywood, you’re not going to be friends with everybody.

I like John.  He says what he thinks.  Although, I sometimes worry that he doesn’t think. 

- Oliver Stone

Check out the trailer below.  The film debuts at SXSW this month and will be followed by a limited release.  It features interviews with some of the greats, including Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg and more.

source: JoBlo



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