Three Extended Clips From Gravity Featuring Sandra Bullock Surviving The Ultimate Worst Case Scenario


It’s the ultimate worst case scenario.  You’re in an environment that’s considered to be one of the deadliest known to humans and everything goes wrong in a matter of minutes.  You’re alone and you have little to no control over the outcome.  No one is coming to rescue you.

Such is the premise to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, which opens in theatres very soon on October 4th. How does this thing have a happy ending? Should we audience members prepare for the worst? I don’t know about you, but I’m swapping a pack of Rolaids for my usual popcorn and soda.

Warner Bros. has release three new extended clips from the film.  They are all extensions of snippets we’ve seen from the various and terrifying trailers released thus far.  However, if you needed convincing to see this (even though this whole premise scares the hell out of you), you can watch the evidence below…

Source: Movie Clips Coming Soon

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