This TV Spot for Riddick Kicks Off The Film’s Small Screen Promo Campaign


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There’s no question in my mind that we wouldn’t have this new Riddick movie if Vin Diesel didn’t have the Fast & Furious franchise to leverage his endeavours at the studio.  And most interestingly, the more I watch of this new Riddick movie, the more I’m convinced it’s here to reintroduce the character to more audiences and exists, in a way, as a semi-reboot.

Pitch Black felt extremely well-executed, partially due to how the story was self-contained and straight-forward..  Chronicles of Riddick was too bloated, with a massive budget and an expanded universe that helped mask the coolness of Riddick himself.   Let’s face it, we’re there to see a guy, who can see in the dark, kick ass.  Thanks to some really imaginative, original characters and visuals, however, Chronicles was slightly redeemed but failed to make a lot of money.

It’s been almost ten years since that film hit theatres, which I’m sure has plenty of executives at Universal concerned.  While that small fan base will run to the theatres, the question is, how many people can you convert?

Marketing for the third film in this franchise kicks off with this new TV spot.  And like I said, the more I see of this, Riddick feels like a return to form.  It’s more self-contained, an evil villain (sorry, Colm Feore) is traded in for demonic monsters, and the story is simplified – a smaller universe in which the badassery of Riddick can reign king.

In addition to Diesel, the film also stars Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff and Dave Bautista.  It’s set to hit theatres September 6th.

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