The Uncensored Exploding Head Scene From Raiders of the Lost Ark



Cinematographer Will McCrabb,  who did not work on Raiders of the Lost Ark, tweeted some long-lost images from Spielberg’s original version of the big & gory end of characters Bolloq, Colonel Dietrich and Major Arnold Toht.   Not sure how McCrabb came to be in possession of these awesome pieces of cinema history but nonetheless, here they are!

To summarize, Spielberg had to censor one particular visual effect during the “Ark Reveal” scene at the end.  He may have had a justified and gruesome punishment for Belloq’s greed, but he had to adjust to the requests of the MPAA.

Check out the video that explains it further.  McCrabb also tweeted out some original storyboard sequences which can be seen below.





Source: Rope of Silicon


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