The Story of ‘The Matrix’ As Retold By A Mom



We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been excited about a movie or TV show at one point in our lives, and tried to share the magic with our parents.  You sit them down, press Play and observe.   As the credits roll, you hope that they will have the same, subjective reaction you had.  You turn to them and say: “So…what did you think?”  Their response takes minutes to formulate.  When they do speak, their tone is a mix of feigning interest and the struggle to not let their son or daughter down.

“Well, I could see how people like it.  But I didn’t understand it.”

Classic response.

We forgive our parents. Though, it may take a while for us to understand that someone may not have the same sensibilities as you, even if you share DNA strands.  Oh well.

Well, YouTuber  pixelspersecond recently watched The Matrix with his Mom.  Following the viewing, he asked her to recap the story.  This is how she interpreted it…

Source: Pixelspersecond


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