The Return of David Brent (The Boss from BBC’s ‘The Office’)!



For the recent Comic Relief special last Friday, Ricky Gervais brought back to life the character he played in The Office - the original BBC series that launched many careers and spawned the hit NBC series, which starred Steve Carell as Brent’s American counterpart.

It’s been ten years since we last saw David Brent. As you’d expect, he’s as lonely as ever.  He sells cleaning products out of his car (and “selling wisdom, if that’s a job”) so that he can fund his true passion for music and finance his new protegé and only “friend”, rapper Dom Johnson.

Check out the ten-minute special, directed in the original mockumentary style employed for The Office and the subsequent music video for their first single, “Equality Street”.

It’s as painfully awkward and brilliant as ever.

The Return of Brent

“Equality Street”

source: Collider


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