The Lord of the Crumbs: Cookie Monster Needs His Precious!



Release the PUNS!  Get ready for an onslaught of cookie-related gags that, if they don’t have you chuckling, will have you in awe at the shear number of them.

Sesame Street presents The Lord of the Crumbs in which Cookie Monster leads his own rendition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s saga.

Legend speaks of a dessert unimaginably sweet and delicious, and when it was destroyed all that remained was the dessert’s powerful recipe. It remained in the hands of a monster named Gobble for a long time, but when it disappeared, all cookies on Monster Earth disappeared along with it. It is up to Cookie Monster to use his memory and remember the recipe in order to bake the cookies in the fires of Mount Crumb.

Source: The Mary Sue


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