The ‘iSteve’ Teaser Trailer: A Funny or Die Movie About Steve Jobs With Justin Long



Okay, before you think that this movie’s existence ends with this trailer… think again.  Funny or Die is actually releasing iSteve, dubbed “The First Steve Jobs Movie” (a dig at the indefinitely shelved Ashton Kutcher project jOBS) on April 15.  With less than two weeks until its debut on the FOD site, we’ve got a teaser trailer featuring audio, as well as a brief, angry glimpse of Justin Long as Steve Jobs.  I wonder if he’s out of contract from that advertising campaign?

From what I’ve gathered, iSteve will be a 60- to 75-minute film.  What I’m not sure about is how funny it’s supposed to be.  I assume it’s a comedy, being that it’s debuting online at FOD.  Then again, they could surprise everyone and actually pay a little homage to the Apple co-founder.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

source: FOD


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