The IRS Made A ‘Star Trek’ Parody For Training Purposes, Then The Internet Produced A Movie Trailer For It



So, according to the internet, the IRS actually made a parody of Star Trek for the sole purpose of training new staff at annual conferences.  This is, in and of itself, such a magnificently terrible concept. But the fact that they actually followed through… man, I just want to face-palm myself and then throw confetti into the air.

As expected, the video is about as dry as sandpaper and its performances about as wooden as a clown’s face at a Schindler’s List screening.  As tax terminology replaces typical Star Trek jargon and made-up star systems, I am amazed at just how horribly fantastic this video is.


Of course, the natural recourse of the internet is to turn what’s good, into greatness.  Thankfully, someone was there to oblige, by mashing the audio of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer with the training video.

The final product? Star Trek Into Taxes.  Enjoy.


sources: Slacktory


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