The G.I. Joes Will Kick Ass By Land, Air & Sea According To This New Featurette for ‘Retaliation’



It seems as though Paramount is trying to give G.I. Joe Retaliation a real fighting chance to rise above all the negative buzz created by its delayed release date (from last summer to March 28).  All the featurettes we’ve seen so far have been fun, but this new inside look at the new toys the Joes will have at their disposal has helped reinforce that this movie will feel closer to what I remember the Joes were all about  in the comics and the cartoon. 

Based on this new featurette, there’s still the advanced gadgetry that the first G.I. Joe film… erm… “over-employed”.  This new film will feature advanced weaponry, however, it’s all still grounded in classic artillery such as tanks, gunships, and deadly fan-boats.  Anything that makes a big boom, and isn’t obscenely unbelievable (like those mechanized suits in the first film), will put a smile on my face.

source: YouTube


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