The First Trailer for Season 6 of ‘True Blood’ Calls For War



True Blood isn’t for me, but there are millions of people sharpening their would-be fangs in anticipation of season six.  The series, now under the watchful eye of new show-runner Bryan Buckner, has received its first thirty-second promo, released as an Easter-season gift from HBO.

The trailer features our first, albeit brief look at Rutger Hauer as the mysterious vampire Macklyn, and suggests that the new season will pick up where the previous one left off, as a precursor to vampire versus human warfare.

The show seems to be evolving from the sexy soap opera of premium cable it once was to a dynamic vision of survival and dominance.  The new series will feature its entire cast, as well as returning characters played by Robert Patrick and Luke Grimes.  Expect only ten episodes this season (down from its usual twelve), being that scheduling had to be arranged around Anna Paquin’s pregnancy with husband / co-star Stephen Moyer.

Season six premieres June 16 on HBO.  How excited are you?


source: ScreenCrush


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