The First Official Image from Dumb & Dumber To


Saying Dumb & Dumber To is one of the greatest long-awaited comedy sequels of all time feels like a major understatement.   As a fan of the first film (and definitely not of the weird prequel that still lingers), to see these two together seems a little surreal.

It has been twenty years since the first one stole the hearts of many kids from my generation.  It remains one of the few films on IMDb with a relatively high user rating and a pitiful Metascore.  A perfect example of fan-love being almost universal.

The new image doesn’t really tell us much more than what we already know about the plot.  Harry & Lloyd seek out a long-lost son who needs a kidney.  And if you’re wondering which lucky lady got to procreate one one of our two heroes…well, none other than Fraida Flecher (Kathleen Turner).

Dumb And Dumber To will hit theatres on November 14, 2014.  The image was released from the film’s official Twitter.



Source: JoBlo


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