The Fantastic Four Film You’ve Never Seen…Until Now



History, taboo, myth…but, ultimately doomed.  Roger Corman’s filmed-but-unreleased adaptation of Marvel’s Fantastic Four has remained many things in the eye of fans and cinema buffs since it almost hit theatres back in 1994.  It’s story and mystery is one of those Hollywood tales I’m sure many would like solved.  Why did the film get made in the first place?  Why was it done so cheaply?  Why did it get promoted so heavily if the studio was planning on pulling the plug so swiftly?

A documentary entitled “DOOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four” is slated to be unveiled some time this year.  It claims to be “the definitive account of the production, the controversial fallout and the legacy [of the film]“.  The film is nearing completion but is seeking financial support from the public.  You can contribute here.

For now, here’s a trailer for the documentary which looks really interesting.  Based on the footage the trailer shows, it looks way better than the Tim Story directed version.  Eeeesh.

Source:  The Playlist


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