The Bootlegged Teaser for Edgar Wright’s ‘ANT-MAN’ Project Is Here!


I’m not sure how this bootleg made its way online, but if you’ve been curious about Edgar Wright’s future Marvel superhero project, ANT-MAN, then look no further!

The following teaser trailer is, more accurately, a proof-of-concept trailer that Wright showcased at last year’s Comic-Con to much fanfare.  People were screaming their lungs out when they discovered he’d be giving them a glimpse at what a secondary Marvel character like Ant-Man would be like on screen.

Needless to say, Wright has given proof of concept.  It’s simple, clever and just plain fun to watch… even if it’s only for 60 seconds.  The video is very characteristic of Wright’s directing style.

ANT-MAN is still very early in its development stages, so don’t interpret this bootleg release as a sign that filming is right around the corner.   For now, the project will be part of Marvel’s Phase 3, post-The Avengers 2.  (Find out what this means by clicking here).

Here’s what Wright had to say about the delay on the Empire podcast:

“I get quite superstitious because I don’t feel like anybody — websites and stuff — quite understands how hard long it takes and because the film websites update hourly, it’s like ‘What’s the fucking hold up? Just make it. Why isn’t it coming out tomorrow?’  But every film that I’ve made has taken like three years. Each one, it’s been three years between movies. I would love for that gap to be shorter, but the truth is there’s — it’s almost like a holding pattern. There are planes in the air and you have to figure out which one is going to land before they all crash.”

Yes it’s a cell phone bootleg, but it’ll have to do for now! Check out the concept trailer below:

source: JoBlo & Collider (quotation)

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