Supercut: John Goodman Loses His Sh*t


John Goodman is one of the most beloved character actors in Hollywood and has one of the most impressive filmographies out there; he just makes scenes better.

One thing he does better than almost anyone is lose his mind.  Flavourwire has released a five-minute Supercut focusing on these moments in honor of Goodman’s 61st birthday.

The great John Goodman, star of stage, film, and television, turns 61 years old today, so hats off to the man who warmed our hearts on Roseanne and explained nihilism to us in The Big Lebowski. And though Mr. Goodman is a skilled and versatile actor, equally adept at slapstick and pathos, there is one specific talent that he’s particularly notable for. Like some of our other favorite actors, Goodman is especially compelling when he’s blowing his top

Source: LaughingSquid


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