Season 8 Of ‘Dexter’ Isn’t Going to Be Pretty: Teaser Trailer



Are you ready for “The Big Picture”? In the creepy voice over for this latest teaser from Showtime, it’s suggested that the final season of Dexter ain’t gonna pretty.

Even though there isn’t any actual footage in this trailer, let’s leave the glass half-full and understand the message.  This trailer is setting up the big reveal for season eight.  As more and more characters learn about Dexter Morgan’s dark passenger and his bloody hobbies, he will continue to lose more control over the balance between with his “normal” life.

If Dexter publicly confesses to years of murders, what will happen to him, his son, and Deb?

The new season premieres a full three months earlier this year, on Sunday June 30.  Check out the teaser trailer below.

source: ScreenCrush


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