Red-Band Trailer for Bad Milo Starring Ken Marino & Gillian Jacobs



Being that I’m on a recent and unjustified kick of really awesomely terrible movies, Jacob Vaughan’s new horror-comedy Bad Milo won’t help suppress my tendencies to watch these kinds of films.

With one of the greatest log lines ever created for a movie (“Embrace Your Inner Demon”), this film has all the gore and utter ridiculousness worth taking time out of your day to watch.  The film stars Ken Marino as a man who fails to deal with his daily stresses and gastric problems, which inevitably manifest as an anal demon.  Of course, right?

I had a monster up my ass!  This is furthest thing from a metaphor!

- Ken Marino

The film also stars such greatness as Patrick Warburton, Stephen Root, Peter Stormare, Gillian Jacobs and Mary Kay Place.  Some theatres will likely turn a blind eye to this kind of movie, but you might be able to catch it during its limited release on October 4th.  If you’d rather watch this at home, it’ll be on VOD starting August 29th. 

Source: Collider


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