Photos from ‘Anchorman 2′: Harrison Ford Joins The Cast?



News broke earlier today that none other than Harrison Ford has signed onto Anchorman 2.  You know, in life, there are “what the f*** moments”…and then there are “what the f*** moments”.  This news is the latter.

Hollywood’s most well-known grump has been cast as a legendary news anchor.  Though, you might have been able to guess that within a couple of tries.  Time will reveal whether this is inspired casting or… well, just incredibly stupid.  Ford, who isn’t exactly known for his funny bone, has never done a real, honest-to-goodness comedy.  He’s done romantic comedies, I guess, but he’s never been the guy who’s delivering rapid fire jokes.  I could see him working as “the straight man”, given the silliness of Anchorman’s comedy, but boy, the potential for this falling flat is pretty great.  And by ‘great’, I mean immense.

Filming of Anchorman 2 is currently underway in Atlanta.  Some keen fans with camera phones were able to snap the following pictures, capturing Will Ferrell as the famed Ron Burgundy and Christina Applegate as his former nemesis / current life partner Veronica Corningstone.





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