Peter Jackson Has A Conversation With Edgar Wright, Simon Peg & Nick Frost



Nothing beats four intelligent, good-natured filmmakers sitting down in a living room to talk shop.  Honestly, more interviews should be conducted in stocking feet over cups of tea.

Peter Jackson is no stranger to The Cornetto Trilogy, born from the brains of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost.  He’s been a fan since the beginning – so much so that he hired Wright to co-write The Adventures of Tintin.  For the three English lads who’ve built a globe-spanning audience of fans with Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, having an auteur such as Jackson give praise to their latest effort The World’s End… a compliment doesn’t get much better.

To help the trio promote The World’s End, which opens in North American theatres on August 23rd, Jackson took a break from the laborious post-production details on The Hobbit trilogy to discuss the ins and outs of making their newest apocalypticomedy.

Also, for good measure, check out three brand new clips from the movie: “We Will Be Blind”, “One Tap Water” and “Twins”.  Don’t worry though, no spoilers here.

Source: The Film’s Stage


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