Pacific Rim Featurette: Under Attack



Pacific Rim’s box office promise has been taken into question lately because the final numbers for the studio’s audience tracking were disclosed recently.  It might be obvious to those [with a brain]that this movie will be one of this summer’s biggest spectacles, but regardless of what we think, Warner Bros. had to go on the defensive about potential poor fiscal performance.  Frankly, disclosure of this tracking is complete bullshit, and should be taken with a big grain of salt.  Why studios spend millions for either a false sense of hope or distress is beyond me.  It doesn’t matter what the early box office forecast might be; there’s always word of mouth.  This guy compares Pacific Rim’s future success to Star Wars.  Big ups.

Either way, we are gonna do our part in promoting this movie.  Check out this new featurette, in which the cast and director describe why they decided to let “the world save the world” become the film’s driving force.

Pacific Rim opens July 12th.

Source: Warner Bros.


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