Pacific Rim Featurette: Destroy All Kaiju



Kaiju, the call-sign for any alien life that creeps out of the ocean in Pacific Rim, literally means “strange beast” in Japanese.  In popular culture, you’d recognize a kaiju in any monster movie, from Hollywood’s Godzilla  to any fantastic B-movie that was produced between 1950 and 1990.

Guillermo del Toro makes no mistake when depicting his monsters in Pacific Rim.  He wants to instill a sense of awe and fear in his audiences.  They vary in shape, size and strength.  To know that we’re not getting a singular species that looks the same, and instead, an army of terrifying beasts that have been lurking beneath our feet for eons, gives Pacific Rim a stand-out quality.  Throw in the IMAX format, and you’ll have one helluva theatre experience on your hands.

In this featurette, “Destroy All Kaiju”, you’ll learn more about the enemy we face in Pacific Rim and how the Kaiju were conceptualized.

The movie opens July 12th. 

Source: WB


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