Nicole Kidman Plays Grace Kelly in A Biopic, Here Are Two New Official Images


If you are asking yourself who Grace Kelly is… shame, shame.  Click here to read up on her incredible life, which many young girls growing up in the 40s & 50s greatly envied.   She was Hollywood royalty.

…Then, she became actual royalty.

Nicole Kidman is currently filming Grace of Monaco, a biopic of the actress-turned-Princess of Monaco (after she married Prince Rainier III).  The film co-stars Tim Roth as the Prince, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Paz Vega (Spanglish), Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon), and Parker Posey.  Olivier Dahan (La Vie En Rose) directs a script written by Arash Amel.

The film has caught some flack from Kelly’s children, Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie.  Despite airing several grievances with historical inaccuracies in the script, their requests to have them changed were ultimately ignored.  As a result, the Royal Family have made a statement in which they declare the film an unofficial biopic, that is absorbed by a over-glamorized chapter in Monaco’s history books. In response, Kidman stated that, “this film is not a biopic or a fictionalized documentary of Grace Kelly, but only a small part of her life where she reveals her great humanity as well as her fears and weaknesses.”

The Weinsteins have just forked out a huge chunk of cash for the US rights to Grace of Monaco.  Given how many 2012 Oscar-nominated films they had helped finance, they could continue that success with this film.  Biopics are loved by the Academy and like I said, everyone in Hollywood had a love affair with Grace Kelly during her heyday.

No official release date has been set.





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