Need A Breaking Bad Refresher? Get Reacquainted With All 54 Episodes in 9 Minutes



Whether you’re acquainted with Breaking Bad or not, this nine-minute recap covers every episode that has chewed up our nerves and spit them out over the last four seasons.  Seriously, the show always makes me feel like I have an anxiety disorder.  For those who haven’t seen it but plan on tuning in when the show returns, this is a great Coles’ Notes version of the many story arcs.

For all those fans of the series, the end is nigh.  The final eight episodes will air starting August 11th on AMC.  Questions, debates and predictions have taken over water cooler conversations across the globe.  How will it all end?  Will Walt be arrested, killed or will he escape the ramifications of building his drug empire?  God, there’s too much to think about.  I can feel my heart in my mouth.

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