NBC’s First Promos for Their Late Night & Tonight Show Shake-Ups



I’ve been really happy with how Jimmy Fallon has made Late Night his own thing.  Following Conan’s departure back in 2009, the show established itself as a fan-favourite despite rocky, insecure beginnings.  With fresh jokes, games, sketches, interviews and, not to mention, The Roots, the last five years have flown by.   Fallon’s only had to wait 946 episodes for the door to The TONIGHT Show to swing wide open.

In his place steps former SNL Head Writer / Weekend Update host Seth Meyers, whose show debuts on February 24th.  Meyers will become the fourth host of the series since Letterman.  The Winter Olympics will make NBC a nutty channel to watch over the coming months, but these Late Night change-ups should not go unnoticed.  The network has released two new promos as they begin the transition.

Being that The TONIGHT Show is a long-running series institution, the Jimmy Fallon promo is a little more sentimental, whereas the Seth Meyers promo is more joke-oriented.

The TONIGHT Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will debut on NBC February 17th. 

Source: Collider


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