Matthew McConaughey Is Being Courted for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’



What was lost, now is found.  Such is the case of Matthew McConaughey’s passion for the acting trade.

The actor, who burst on the scene in Dazed and Confused, was fast-tracked to stardom.  Perhaps a little too quickly.  His career floundered in the mid-2000s, spinning his wheels with missed opportunities almost to the point of the tire treads burning clear off.  Thankfully (because, let’s face it, he is a very talented leading man), he casually brushed off the lazy rom-com phase and has recently turned in some serious scene-stealing performances in films like Killer Joe, Mud and the upcoming Dallas Buyers Club.  If you want to call it a career renaissance, then now very well may be the time.

The mastermind behind the execution of The Dark Knight franchise, Christopher Nolan, is gearing up for his next directorial project – a science fiction film called Interstellar.  Immediately, the prospect of Nolan behind a space flick buzzes my bones with excitement.  The director has proven himself to be a “box office property” strong enough to be a brand, calling upon its devoted minions (myself included) to storm the theatres.  This influence, without question, will have a profound effect on Man of Steel when in opens in June.  A Syncopy-produced science fiction story would be a sure thing for both fans of the genre and studio prospectors.

McConaughey is currently being courted to play the film’s lead.  Not much is known about the film or the part, besides the character’s name of Cooper.  Being that McConaughey’s recent acting choices have been varied but mostly complicated characters, I’d expect a conflicted character much to the tune of DiCaprio’s Cobb in Inception.

How is this a great casting call?  McConaughey is experiencing an upward swing in his career because frankly, he got back to his roots.  He re-focused his sights on character acting, a trade in which he excels.  If Nolan is to capture him whilst on this ascending trajectory, he’ll be casting someone who is respected for not only rejuvenating their career, but also for churning out some of his best work in years.  If McConaughey is cast, Nolan will be capturing lightning in a bottle; an actor in their renaissance moment.

source: ScreenCrush


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