Marvel Secrets! Deleted Scenes from ‘The Avengers’


Thanks to the internet, which finally got its proverbial techy hands all over Marvel’s Phase One Box Set, we’ve got some really fun special features that offer an inside look into their superhero universe on film.

The Avengers

First, we’ve got a featurette called, And Then Shawarma After”, in which Marvel CEO Kevin Feige describes how the scene came to fruition.  ‘Last-minute’ doesn’t describe it.  The film had already been premiered before they started shooting it!

The other videos suggest that the amount of footage left out of the final edit must have been staggering.  There are a total of six extra clips that show of some of these sequences.  

Edit:  Unfortunately, some of these clips have been removed at Disney’s request.  Likely, the three below will too.  If you’re reading this post and the clips don’t work, then Disney beat you to it.  Bummer.

source: Collider


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