LucasFilm Showcases Real-Time Rendering Revolutionizing The Post-Production Process


In case I’m already losing your interest with the title, let’s just say the most commonplace, everyday use of real-time rendering is X-Box Kinect.  It means one has a computer equipped with the necessary hardware and software to create synthetic images so that the user can interact with a virtual environment.  It’s incredibly cool technology that has massive amounts of potential.

One of the companies working on perfecting the tech is LucasFilm.  Yes, they have a gaming division too, but they’re asking the question: what if the conditions were perfect enough to render photo-realistic images while shooting actors in motion-cap suits for film?  Looks like they’ve made leaps and bounds, too.

The following video showcases just how far their engineers have come.  With simple button pushes, they can swap characters, colours, and environments.  What does this mean for the film industry?  If perfected, this technology would revolutionize the post-production process.  Movies wouldn’t have to enter a year’s worth of editing and computer image generation following the end of principal photography.  Not to mention, once this tech matures, its cost decreases, thereby making the entire film production process cheaper.

Source: DarkAsylumRadio


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