Kick-Ass 2: Red-Band Featurettes Focus on Hit Girl And What Makes Her Awesome


A large part of Kick-Ass 2 will be about Mindy, aka. Hit Girl, and her adjustment to the “real” world of high school.  Having been home schooled by her dad, played by Nicholas Cage in the first film, she’s unaware of the nasty cliques that can make your time at high school unforgettable – for the wrong reasons.

And while as Hit Girl, Mindy can strike fear into the hearts of the meanest street villains, traversing through a slanderous web of gossip and lies created by “Super Bitches” is a whole new task.  Check out this featurette below…

In the second featurette, the big fight scene between Hit Girl and her main adversary Mother Russia, is propped up as one of the film’s violent climaxes.  If one thing is for sure, actress Olga Kurkulina looks terrifying.

Source: Kick-Ass 2


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