Jay Leno Has Been Making People Sad For Twenty Years: The Supercut


Soon after Jay Leno began hosting The Tonight Show in 1992, his status as late-night icon was cemented in pop culture.  That chin, that shaky head, and generally friendly rapport with his guests have become his trademark.  But you f!ck with Conan O’Brien once, juuuust once, and you’ll have rabidly loyal fans burning your proverbial effigy by creating supercuts like these.

Here’s one of those niche supercuts that’s pleasantly original.  If Leno was ever on trial for being a douche, you can be damn sure that fans would submit this as [extremely biased]evidence.  It’s not exactly scathing, but it just goes to show you that Leno’s monologues have been used as depressing plot devices in more than just a couple of movies.

Source: Uproxx


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