Irving Zisman (Bad Grandpa) Delivers Some Public Service Announcements for National Grandparents Day



Jackass returns (kinda) with Bad Grandpa, which will be hitting theatres on October 25th.  The Borat-inspired film stars Johnny Knoxville will be reprising is role of Iriving Zisman, a role he’s played in each Jackass film a few episodes on the MTV show.

It’s hard not to look at this material and wonder if the boys of Jackass will decide to let this type of presented comedy carry on their legacy.  They can’t punish themselves and each other forever.

What do you think? Are you excited for Bad Grandpa? I think the trailer looked hilarious and appealed to the same funny bones that Jackass always managed to break.  Check out the “viral” videos for Bad Grandpa, in which Zisman delivers a few PSAs for National Grandparents Day, counselling us about safe sex, prostate cancer and other things you didn’t want to visualize.

Bad Grandpa hits theatres on October 25th.  It was directed by Jeff Tremaine, who co-wrote the film with Preston Lacy.

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